City of Eternal Love
The powerful General Governor of Siberia Gassfort and the small, delicate Ljubochka (Ljuba).

The main street of Omsk was always lovingly called by the Omsk inhabitants as 'Lyubinsky Prospekt'. Among the Czars she bore a different name. In the times of the USSR, it was called Lenina Street. Why Lyubinsky?

This comes from a lady's name 'Lyuba'. Lyuba's story is touching and sad. She was just over twenty, and married an older German Governor-General, Gassfort, who was already more than 60 years old. This was a fantastic love story from both sides, which should last for years. Shortly thereafter, however, Lyubochka died. And until his last days, and he lived long afterwards, Gassfort remembered his Lyubochka and never married again!

The Omsk inhabitants also do not forget them and often bring flowers to the monument of 'Eternal Love'.

This picture, as well as all of the pictures below, are from Doctor Andrei and Yulia.

Great again!
This was always the central prospect from Omsk. Unfortunately, she was neglected for so long. In 2016, it was time to improve things drastically. Through the involvement of Gasprom, French and Russian architects, this splendid boulevard regained the old splendor of the Czar period.

Here we see many sculptures.

Small part of Nevski prospect
Because this was a Petersburg company which carried out the whole renovation work, it looks as if it were a small piece of Nevsky prospect from Petersburg in Siberia.
Interestingly, this company from Petersburg used high-quality granite tiles from Karelia and other durable materials for the renovation work.

Thus, the state of the boulevard will be permanent and stable for years.

Former merchant houses
Currently, the Medical Academy is housed here in Omsk.

Magic with illumination
The night lighting makes this street really magical.

And tonight we visit this famous theatre
This is the fourth oldest theater in Russia.

And now we go from the theatre to see something special
Just around the corner is the Dostoyevsky corner.

This is the place the Great Writer spent his exile
In summer 2016, the foundation of one of the barracks in the prison where the Great Writer spent his exile were uncovered.

Many people come here now: to ponder, to contemplate and wonder- why Russia so often treats her best sons in this way?

The splended Dome
From this place we can already see the most beautiful church in Siberia with most unusual story to tell.

Yes, Omsk is so unique for an inquisitive mind with so many great stories of Great People to tell.

But you need a special guide to tell you this. To hear a really fascinating story of a great city which used to be once the 3-d capital of Russia and was purposely thrown into oblivion and closed for foreign visit under the Soviets.