City tour with Gulag sites in Omsk. Visit to a former gulag camp
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Former Gulag camp near Omsk in Siberia

Five hour tour with Omsk city tour with Gulag sites in Omsk and Achair:

We first have a city tour with Omsk main attractions including visiting the three Gulag sites of the City which form a triangle: the Gulag Chapel, the Gulag Stone and the Dormition Cathedral - the heart of the City, listed as one of the world's greatest attractions, and you will be told a story which resembles very much ( although being quite different) the story of the Church of our Lady (Frauenkirche) in Dresden/Germany.

After that we drive to Achair monastery-former Gulag camp ( 60 km one way). More than 200 000 prisoners lost their lives there.

Cost of the tour: 60 euros per person in a group of two persons

Package includes:
- car with a driver
- English speaking guide during the whole tour.

P.s. we drive to Achair along famous Semipalatinsky Tract. As Russia was expanding rapidly two centuries ago it was the main road for the Empire to Western China and India. Many famous scientists such as Alexander von Humbold, Gmelin and others travelled along this road. On the way we will see also Cossack settlements, such as Ust-Zaostrovka and others.

Omsk was during Zar times the capital of Siberian Cossacks.

One of the Cossack strongholds was in the village of Ust-Zaostrovka ( map).