The Chapel of the Dead of the Soviet Gulag in Omsk
As Communism perished in Russia, the Omskovites erected near the Omsk main cathedral the Chapel of the Dead of the Soviet Gulag.

It depicts inside a flower breaking through the beton.

Small portions of soil were brought to this place from all major Gulag camps in the Soviet Union. You can read the names of all of them at the plates placed on the walls of the chapel.

There are also two inscriptions of Dostoevsky and Solshenitsin on the walls.

'For several decades political arrests were distinguished in our country precisely by the fact that people were arrested who were guilty of nothing and were therefore unprepared to put up any resistance whatsoever.'

The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

'…the helpless fellows there were perhaps the strongest, and, in one way or another, the most gifted of our people. There was all that strength of body and of mind lost, hopelessly lost.
Whose fault is that? '

The House of the Dead or Prison Life in Siberia, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Stone of the Dead of the Soviet Gulag
Not far from the Chapel of the Dead and right in front of the Omsk Cathedral there is the Stone of the Dead of the Soviet Gulag.