Time to visit Omsk
Seven main reasons ( apart from many others) why you should visit Omsk:

1.To see most important Church of all Siberia where the Banner of
Ermak was kept. When you stand near this church you understand why some
people call Omsk 'St.Petersburg of Siberia'.

2.To see a building where may be the most romantic love story in Russian
between Admiral Kolchak and Mrs. Temiryova took place.

3. To see the Governor's palace from where under the Tsar huge territory from the Arctic ocean to the Xinjiang deserts in present-day China was managed and where the old good Russian imperial banner used to be hoisted ( the honor given at the time only to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tiflis, Helsingfors and Omsk ).

4. To see the bank building where the Gold reserve of Russia was kept as Omsk was proclaimed the capital of Russian Empire during the Civil war 1917-1921.

5. To see the Guard's house( the oldest stone building of the fortress) where the Siberian regionalists used to sip their beer behind bars discussing the strange and thrilling idea of separating Siberia from mainland Russia and creation of the United States of Siberia!
Sure enough Omsk was, as well as Tomsk, the cradle of this movement.

6. To see most beautiful church in Siberia which was blown up by
Communist barbarians and was carefully reconstructed by the Omskovites to
become again the historical center of the City.

7. To see how the historical center of Omsk was reconstructed for its 300-th anniversary in 2016 with Gaspromneft investing and involving best Russian and French designers ( see pictures below, please).

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Some general information first:

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The main street of downtown Omsk- Lyubinsky Prospekt
The direction is South- North. To the left- former 'Russia Grand Hotel'.

This picture and also rest pictures below were made by Doctor Andrey from Omsk.

Entrance to Lyubinsky Prospect
Here we see the whole view of the Prospect, entering it from the South.

The side lines of the Prospect
The famous "Lyubochka" near the Prospect.

Going uphill. To the right are majectic builings of the former Siberian capital
You can see to the right the Medical Academy and the Moscow trade houses.

Now the view from the hill in southern directions
The Omskovites think that this is the best view of the downtown. From the hill you can see many things. Among them: the Palace of the General-Gouverneur, most important church of Siberia, etc.

Outstanding buildings of the past
Present-day Medical Academy

Day's view from uphill
After the reconstruction the Prospect became very popular with the Omskovites and guests of Omsk.

The 4-th oldest theatre in Russia
It is still one of the best stages in Russia. From this place you can see already the Dostoyevsky corner with his monument and also the most beautiful church in Siberia- the Dormition cathedral.

A must see in the evening!
We advise all our tourists to have a night walk ( starting from 22.00) to the the Lyubinsky Prospect and the most beautiful church in Siberia in night illumination.

The church is just round the corner from the theatre.