Time to visit Omsk
We amuse ourselves when we read what numerous "Transsib specialists and advisers" abroad write about Omsk. Never believe them as they get their impressions mostly sitting in front of a computer or just traveling once and making the conclusions forever. Just do the opposite and you will be rewarded with unusual experience. As every shelf article has its buyer- also Omsk has its own special client. After the "European Kazan and Ekaterinburg" you see in Omsk the Asian heart of Russia and in fact the third capital of the empire although for a very short period of time (1918-1919).

With this site on the web from 2003, we state a stable growth of interest for Omsk. Especially interesting was the year 2016 as we had an increase of 500%! Of course it is also due to the ruble weakness and Omsk's 300-th anniversary in 2016. But still, it is quite a remarkable achievement. The main tourist flow comes with the Transsib with not only individual tourists but also more and more groups from all over the world. Why this?

Something special for culture and history lovers:
Omsk is an ideal stop on the Transsib from Moscow to Irkutsk or the other way round not just because it is in the middle of the route: first and foremost Omsk is a must see for culture and history lovers as it was for so many years under the Romanovs the capital of Siberia, being in the list of the five most important capital cities of the Russian empire.

In August 2016, as it was stated above, Omsk celebrated its 300-th anniversary. St. Petersburg companies, French urban architects and Gasprom helped with reconstruction of downtown. It looks now splendid!!! 2018 sees the completion of this reconstruction up to the end-line of the historical center merging with the pedestrian Valikhanova street where the Consulate General of Kazakhstan is situated. Now the center of Omsk looks imperial as it used to be before the Bolshevik revolution. Please also note the fact that Omsk has the remnants of the fortress- now reconstructed-from the early 19-th century as Russia was bracing itself up for a confrontation with the Dzhungar tribes coming from the South.

Fine and unusual cuisine:
If you travel eastwards, Omsk is the first really Asian city on the route - Ekaterinburg and Tumen being the last 'European ones'. This gives a special touch to everything, including the cuisine.As per capita Omsk has even more restaurants than Moscow. It is also a place where you can taste dishes you can see nowhere on the Transsib ( mainly because of Omsk proximity to Kazakhstan and Middle Asia). You can also taste dishes of local Germans during your visit to Asovo area.

Beautiful combination of forest and steppes:
Once tourists venture out of Omsk: we have probably a unique combination of birch-trees and steppes on the route. Also a must see for nature lovers.

Picture: golden autumn and beautiful birch-trees near Tsvetnopolye-Blumenfeld, 90 km away from Omsk.

What is worthwhile to see in Omsk?
Seven main reasons ( apart from many others) why you should visit Omsk:

1.To see most important Church of all Siberia where the Banner of
Ermak was kept. When you stand near this church you understand why some
people call Omsk 'St.Petersburg of Siberia'.

2.To see a building where may be the most romantic love story in Russian
between Admiral Kolchak and Mrs. Temiryova took place.

3. To see the Governor's palace from where under the Tsar huge territory from the Arctic ocean to the Xinjiang deserts in present-day China was managed and where the old good Russian imperial banner used to be hoisted ( the honor given at the time only to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tiflis, Helsingfors and Omsk ).

4. To see the bank building where the Gold reserve of Russia was kept as Omsk was proclaimed the capital of Russian Empire during the Civil war 1917-1921.

5. To see the Guard's house( the oldest stone building of the fortress) where the Siberian regionalists used to sip their beer behind bars discussing the strange and thrilling idea of separating Siberia from mainland Russia and creation of the United States of Siberia!
Sure enough Omsk was, as well as Tomsk, the cradle of this movement.

6. To see most beautiful church in Siberia which was blown up by
Communist barbarians and was carefully reconstructed by the Omskovites to
become again the historical center of the City.

7. To see how the historical center of Omsk was reconstructed for its 300-th anniversary in 2016 with Gaspromneft investing and involving best Russian and French designers ( see pictures below, please).

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Some general information first:

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