Botanic garden & city tour
In 1960-70, Omsk got the nickname “garden city”. City owes this title to great extend to the German agronomist Herbert Gense.

On the territory of the botanic garden of Omsk he collected his most valuable collection of trees and shrubs.

Gense has been working on the introduction and acclimatization of plants of Ural- Siberian region. All in all, he created and introduced about 30 new species of trees and shrubs, which are widely used in landscaping of Omsk, in other cities and regions of Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan.

As the garden is situated out of city's center we have to drive there. A combination with city tour is a splendid opportunity to two aspects of Omsk.

Costs and references
Duration: 4 hours

Tour costs:
1 person: 85 euros or 5700 rubles
2 persons: 50 euros or 3400 rubles per person

What's included:
- personal driver for coaching you in Omsk;
- English speaking guide during the whole tour.

An entry into a guest book:

Just unbelievable - Mr. Gense war a genius! At the same time it is a great pity that he is practically unknown to the outer world. He deserves to be world-known!

We loved the place. All the best to this splendor in Omsk.

Udo and Judith, Dresden/Germany.

October 2014