The German House and the great Siberian painter
We have here at least three major stories to tell about three great humans who spent their time in Omsk:

The German House of Omsk:
One is based on the origin of the house which flourished in Omsk before the Russian Revolution of 1917 and was the center of German community at that time.

Siberian Art:
Another- the house remained intact through the Soviet times and in the 70-s was the atelier of one of the greatest Siberian painters - Kondraty Belov.

The Great Man of the Steppe:
The German House is situated on the Valikhanov street within the stone's through from the Valikhanov corner. After the tea ceremony in the museum we make a tour of Valikhanov street where the Kazakhstan Consulate is situated. We will tell you about this Great Man of the Steppe and his breath-taking travel on the Silk Road. Then we visit the main sites of the historical center of Omsk.

Duration: 4 hours

Tour costs:
1 person: 85 euros or 5700 rubles
2 persons: 50 euros or 3400 rubles per person

What's included:
- personal driver for coaching you in Omsk;
- tour guide ( English);
- tea ceremony with Samovar and delicious home made food;
- museum tickets;
- walking and car tour of the center of Omsk with Valikhanov street.

For more information please go to:
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The Great Man of the Steppe