Stalin and Brezhnev house
For your stay in Omsk we propose a room with a guest family at the very heart of the city of Omsk just 300 meters from the most beautiful church in Siberia: Dormition cathedral.

This is the so- called Stalin- Brezhnev house. It was built in 1953 - the year Stalin passed away. During the Brezhnev time of the Soviet Union the first man in the Omsk region, Mr. Manyakin, resided here for many years. Once, as Brezhnev visited Omsk, he visited Manyakin in his home ' for a cup of tee'.

Discover the scent of old times and listen some stories of the 'glory time' of the Omskovites at that time.

Note: the apartment has three rooms, WC, washing machine, fridge and all necessary things to arrange a nice stay for you while in Omsk.

The guest family speaks English and German.

Price: 1500 rubles or some 25 euros per person with breakfast ( in a group of two persons)

What's included:
- room for 2 persons for private use
- transfer with personal driver from the railway station and back.

Picture: near this house ( background )stood Lenin-Stalin monument. As Stalin fell in disgrace there was a huge campaing in the USSR to take away all Stalin monuments during one night.

At this monument the destroyers were confronted with a very unpleasant thing- Lenin was eying Stalin so tenderly and they were sitting so close together. Furthermore, Lenin patted Stalin on his sleeve They first wanted to separate them and to leave Lenin sitting alone. In vain. So Lenin had also to go.