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Discovery of the Amberland 2019
Here is our strategy for this beautiful corner of our planet :

Have you ever thought about reaching Russia from Europe not like most of the Russian travelers - starting in Moscow or St. Petersburg- but from the westernmost Russian region - Kaliningrad? Or would you feel like you missed something important in Russia after a visit to Russia in Moscow or Piter (as the Russians call their cultural capital)? Then the area of Kaliningrad would be just right for you.

Due to its geographical proximity to the 'West', the area is also interesting for those who want to get to know Russia, but do not dare to make a big 'leap' to the Russian mainland. The Kaliningrad region is a certain mini-Russia. Here you can decide if you like the country or not. Russia is like Mongolia: you either like or you just dislike it. In addition, you can combine this small leap into the unknown with visiting the neighboring areas in Poland and Lithuania.

Although 'Air Berlin' stopped direct flights from Berlin to Kaliningrad in January 2016; so that there was no direct connection between European cities to Kaliningrad from some time, Kaliningrad remained relatively easily accessible from Europe. Either via nearby Gdansk or such cities as Klaipeda (ferry from Kiel) and Palanga (flight connections). Since spring 2017, the Polish LOT has organized flights via Warsaw to Kaliningrad. And of course, the year 2018 will see more flights and better conditions for travelers all over the world with June 2018 four soccer teams playing in the Kaliningrad region ( one of them will be by the way stationed in Svetlogorsk- from where most of our tours start).

If you want to continue your trip to Russia from Kaliningrad, this would be no problem at all. With so many daily flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg, you reach your destination in less than two hours. There is even a relatively cheap connection to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. This will give you access to the Silk Road.

For railway enthusiasts there are interesting possibilities: to take a trip to Moscow by train. So you can get from Russia's westernmost region to the east - namely Vladivostok - by train. Here, however, you need a double visa for Russia, which by the way costs just as much as a simple visa. Also, the other obstacle on this trip - longer periods on the border with Lithuania - will be eliminated with time as the process of border controls will be organized in the same manner as in the trains from Helsinki to St. Petersburg and back, namely that the passengers will be controlled in a moving train without having to accept longer waiting times at the railway stations. It is not the case yet. But sometimes things instead of getting worse just get better!

Accommodation in the region of Kaliningrad:

In order to avoid traffic jams and too much noise in Kaliningrad, we think in the first place of Svetlogorsk- to our mind the best small town in Russia! This lovely town in the countryside boasts extremely advantageous logistics: Kaliningrad, the airport Chrabrowo and the beginning of the Curonian Spit near Selenogradsk are located at a distance of 30 km. The capital of the Amberland - Jantarny - is only 18 km away from Swetlogorsk.

Far away from the bustling Kaliningrad, enjoy tranquility and closeness to nature. We offer you the best hotel choice as well as accommodation in guest houses in this remarkable place on the Baltic see coast.