Svetlogorsk 2019
Description of the tour: we start at the station Swetlogorsk-1 /former Rauschen- settlement and go at first through a nice forest (branch of the Warnicker forest) in the direction of Lesnoje / former Warnicken. Then we go down the path and are at the exit of the mill pond, actually at the place where Rauschen was founded in the 13-th century. Here we learn a lot about Rauschen as a fishing village in the 13th century and its later development.

Afterwards we go uphill and reach the Hoffmann corner. Still a little effort, and we are already on the promenade, where we walk up to the end if necessary. In any case, we will cover the route up to the main station of the town - Swetlogorsk-2, formerly Rauschen- Dune. Here in the upper part of the town we tell you the story of the place from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

Picture: the starting point of the tour. The railway station Svetlogorsk-1.

Price and other conditions
Duration of the tour: approx. 3 hours.

Length of the route: approx. 3 km to the water tower of Svetlogorsk.

Cost of the tour: 30 euros per person for 2 people travelling together.

- English speaking tour guide

Alternative: in case of bad weather or lack of mood or condition, we can make a combined tour (car and walk). Then we see a little less forest but a bit more of the city itself.

with one person: 70 euros
for two persons traveling together: 35 Euro
per person.

- privat car with driver
- English speaking tour guide