The Amber Ring: from Svetlogorsk to Yantarny, with Germau and St.Lorenz
Description of the tour: we pick you up at your hotel / guest family and then drive across the Warnicker forest on a little frequented road which leads us to Jantarny / Palmnicken. We are now on the southern edge of the village and in good weather we make a stop where we can look at the amber mining (90% of world amber is situated here).

Afterwards we go straight to the center. There we take a longer walk in the Moris Bekker Park and then (depending on the weather) on a wooden promenade along one of the most beautiful beaches in the Baltic Sea. Certainly we can also walk on the beach in nice weather and even go for a swim.

In case of bad weather, the local museum can be visited in the village. As an addition or alternative, we can visit the Jewish monument on the northern edge of Yantarny.

After visiting Jantarny we pass Russkoje / Germau and Salskoje / St.Lorenz, where we do a little more of sightseeing this day. Then we bring you back to your hotel or your host family.

Duration of the tour: approx. 5 hours.

Cost of the tour: 55 euros per person for 2 people traveling together.

- private car with driver
- English speaking tour guide