Rauschen / Svetlogorsk-Pobethen / Romanowo-Cranz / Selenogradsk
In the old times they used to be twi rivals: Rasuchen und Selenogradsk. Which of the two attracts more visitors, which of the two is the best.

Even now the competition is there and during this tour you will decide which of the two is the best- or they are just different?

Description of the tour: we pick you up at your hotel / guest family and drive first to the old place near the former Catholic church of Rauschen. Here we start our walking tour and explore this mundane part of Svetlogrosk. We need at least an hour to tell about this historical corner. Through the old staircase from former times we reach the Baltic Sea promenade, where, in good weather or according to your wish, we walk along the coast to the place where the cable car brings us up again. Thus we reach the place near the Svetlogorsk-2 station. A little walk in the area of the old villas and we drive towards Romanovo / Pobethen. We get off at the village center and go for a walk.

In Selenogradsk / Cranz we make an extensive city visit.

Optional: visit to an interesting local museum.

Then we bring you back to your hotel or your host family.

Duration of the tour: approx. 5 hours.

Cost of the tour: 55 euros per person for 2 people traveling together.

- private car with driver
- English speaking tour guide