Transfer airport Khrabrovo with a small program
We hear this too often indeed: Russia is unusual, Russia is mystical. How true: there are so many people even in Russia who do not understand their own country. A good example: transfer from the airport to Svetlogorsk: distance about 42 km by a very good highway.

Every year, the authorities are proud to report that more and more guests are coming to the area. In 2017, there will be 1 400 000 guests; about 400,000 will come to Svetlogorsk: most of them via the airport because trains are slow, somewhat complicated and not cheap.

If you think that friendly buses bring no less friendly guests directly to Svetlogorsk, then you are mistaken. There is no such thing. Instead, a taxi service is offered, somewhat too expensive for the locals, but possibly acceptable for the Moscovites.

In order to solve this problem a very big boss from Moscow should interfere, then this will happen in no time. Alas, the big bosses from Moscow are driven away in quite different types of busses and cars. So the problem remains unsolved for years, and to get to Svetlogorsk, the locals first take a bus to Kaliningrad, and only then do they go to Svetlogorsk. This is almost as if you would drive in Germany from Duesseldorf to Cologne not direct but via Aachen.

Here, too, we have thought up something that you might like. And not only pure transfer, but:

Inauguration in the history of the Orden- Land. Welcome in Powunden!

From Chrabrowo-airport to Uggehen, then Church Shaaken (optional and in good weather also to the shore of the Curonian Bay in Schaaksvitte am Haff) - remains of Schaaken Castle- Powunden.

Characteristics of the tour: during this tour you will see Russia, as well as the area of Kaliningrad in 'mini'. You will see how Russia ticks here. We see ruins and new buildings, immeasurable gloom and boundless optimism. Very different impressions, really. What we can only promise - this tour, as well as all our other tours here, will not leave you indifferent.

So as it was the case with thousands of our guests in Siberia, so also here.

Duration of the tour: approx. 1.5 to 2 hours.

Costs: 25 Euro per person for two people traveling together.

Transfer to Airport Khrabrovo
Route B: Uggehen, Church Schaaken (optional and in good weather the Curonian Bay shore in Schaaksvitte am Haff) - Schaaken- Castle and Chrabrowo Airport.

This route takes you to the airport.

For variants A and B, the price remains the same. Only coastal towns from Selenogradsk to Jantarny and Kaliningrad are considered as destinations. For destinations deeper in the region please contact us for more information.