Bird watching in Omsk
One of very interesting things in Omsk for fans of bird watching and simply nature lovers is the State Natural Park 'Bird's Haven' which is situated not too far from downtown. Quite unique indeed. The scientists there assert that another such park right near downtown is in New York only.

We offer bird watching fans a nice opportunity to watch birds from the tower or from a hide ( picture). You will be provided in case of need with lookong glasses. The tour runs from May to September as birds come to Siberia, broot and then take leave.

More than 100 species are to be found there, from simple ducks to herons and bittern.

The price is 35 euros p.p. in a group of two persons.

Included: The price includes transfer to and from the natural reserve. The tour of the premises is also included. Then you spend as many hours as you want watching birds.