Former Gulag camp & Asovo
We have a combination of two tours in one day. Nowhere at the Transsib you will have this unique experience and this unique price!

Part 1

First we visit the Achair monastery-former Gulag camp ( 60 km one way). More than 200 000 prisoners lost their lives there.

Part two:
From Achair we drive back to Omsk and before reaching the City turn left a drive on one of the longest motorways in the world ' Vladivistok -Moscow'. Then we head straight for Asovo.

Highlights Asovo:
- discovering what the Siberian Cuisine is
- visit of Asovo- the capital of Siberian Germans
- for the participants who want to taste Siberian beer - we taste local beer brewed in Asovo specially for the needs of the population there
- on the way to and from Asovo we admire beautiful birch-tree groves and fine corn fields.

The Asovo National District is the biggest production area for hard varieties of wheat in Siberia. The wide open landscapes will remind you Chile or Argentina and ( some parts) of Canada and the US.

The distance we travel this day will be 200 km.
The duration of the tour: app.7 hours.

Costs of the tour
Costs of the tour per person in a group of two persons: 85 euros

Package includes:
- car with a driver
- English speaking guide during the whole tour
- lunch