Visit Mennonites in Siberia in Rosenort
First there is a good link to start with:
How the Mennonites settlers came to Omsk

Day's tour to Solntsevka (Rosenort):

We start the tour at 10 o'clock and drive along the Isilkul motorway. On the way we pass a number of Mennonite communities. As we reach Morgenau the Mennonite presence becomes obvious. At 12 o'clock we arrive in Solntsevka, visit the Mennonites and talk to them.

This is practically the only corner in the vast region where Low German is widely spoken in the streets, in families and among children. A must see!

We drive back to Omsk at 5 pm. The distance we travel in both directions will be 290 km.

Cost of the tour:

99 euros p.p. a group of two persons. Including personal driver and English-speaking guide.
Lunch is also included.

Please note:
The motorway we travel along runs alongside the Southern trunk line of the Transsib ( which is in fact the original line built around the year 1900). This is also the former famous defense line against the Dzhungars who were posed to attack the Cossacks as they conquered for the Tsar this part of the world some 300 years ago. In scientific circles this is the so-called 'Salt-Line' which was built under the wise guidance of General Kinderman. Not much has remained out of these forts but you will be told numerous stories and legends about this time.